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Racism: Blacks Should Value Themselves Before Anyone Else Would: Protest Not Enough

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The death of Judge Floyd has resulted to an awakening among the black communities in the United States and apparently touching different parts of the world. Racism had always been throughout history, but with the level of education and development, it is still very fascinating how developed nations still hold on to the ideology.

The united states of America have countless cases of police brutality especially against African Americans and at some point a black child is seen as an endangered species.

With all the evil committed against the black man on his continent and still taken into slavery by the slave masters, the expectation from the modern is unfortunately shifting to modern slavery rather than integration for a better nation.

According to Wikipedia: Chauvin, (the same officer responsible for Floyd’s death) had been a police officer in the Minneapolis Police Department since 2001. He had received two medals of valor for incidents in which he fired at suspects: one in which a shotgun was pointed at him, and one in which a suspect grabbed for his pistol. He twice received commendations for pursuing suspects.

Same kind of celebration as far back as the 18th to 20th century is what a murderer has received in this modern day. An officer who is to serve and protect the people is being celebrated for taking lives and assaulting citizens. Those whom are victims to their course.

And you can imagine placing him on bail and giving him a charge of second degree murder. what if this is a black man in custody?

When you ask for equality, the privileged will feel oppressed and threatened.

But the big question, why racism and why should blacks be the target??

On the issue of protest: of course it is for a just course, but is it always about the protest?

Check the out the people vandalize and loot shops out of which some black shop owners were victims. But no matter the nature of protest and the level of destruction, if there is no change in attitude and the path of life we chose, it will be difficult to get the justice that we deserve.

You cannot fight a system and still give room to be victims by not obeying the law. Justice for Floyd might be possible because he was not arrested with guns and drugs.  

There is something among the African American, aside the fact that the whites will try to make the blacks look bad and even fake a crime just to victimize a black man. One thing to note is, blacks are more exposed to being violent, drugs and illegal business, hate for each other to destroy themselves.

The power to victimize and even to be racial is given to the white man by the black man. Blacks Should Value Themselves Before Anyone Else Would: Protest is Not Enough. Let me explain before you nail me to the cross.

The black man chose the path of hard life by moving to the street in the bit to make a hustle and end up with drugs and guns, at that point give room for the hate from the white man to victimize him.

I used the word hate from the white man because, in America, two people can commit same crime, same time and same place, and even arrested by same law enforcement and get different sentence. Why? Because one is black and the other is white.

Before now we could say it’s due to the crime live that is common amongst the blacks but in recent time it is evident that it is the hate among the whites that is wildly expressed.

There have been more cases on racial police brutality of which High-profile cases from recent years include Philando CastileTerence CrutcherMichael Brown and Alton Sterling. In these cases the officers involved were not convicted of any criminal offence.

“I’m tired of hearing about black people dying,” one protester in Washington DC said. “I’m tired of being afraid just by being stopped by the cops.”

So many people have been victimized; the only crime committed is to be born black.

It is time to educate the whites and everyone else involved in racial discrimination. Pigmentation is not the way to determine the quality of man. It is stupidity to think you are better than someone because of the color of their skin.

One fun fact about racism is that, the racist is being racist because he feels inferior and don’t want to lose relevance since he have nothing of his own. It is just like the life of a bully. Being a bully doesn’t mean you are stronger, it is just the fear of being rejected cause you have nothing that makes you crave for relevance.

Educate someone today.

Not just black live but every live matter.

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