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Fake It Till You Make It: The Deception That Made Dreams Fail

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Fake it till you make it is a situation where people of low standard try to pretend to be what they are not just, live a fake standard life just for the essence of impressing others. This is the life of the celebrities.

Most times when I talk to people, I get to wonder how some get to think the way they do. it is never ok to fake it till you make it.

“Fake it till you make it” is a common behavior among young people especially those that had always wanted to be noticed and respected.

This debate on the behavior I call deception and the act of delusion keep surfacing in the character of every generation.

I remember sometime ago as a student in higher learning, that was my first year in school; some course mates of mine were in a conversation and Jane was bragging about her level of intelligence and good academic performance. She bragged and try to tell stories of how that was her second degree. It later turned out Jane lied to all of us, and though for a fact she is a bit advance in age, it happened to be her first admission. One funny thing about the story is how she tried to keep up with the lies and even shared some old school memories that never happened.

One truth about faking it is that you get to work hard to remain in character in front of everyone but in reality you alone know that it is not true and it’s not close to being true.

For some who supports fake it till you make, they have argued that; when you fake it for awhile, it gives extra push to work hard and achieve the reality you are trying to fake but I would say, it is not true. In fact when you fake it, it is possible your fake life will make you a mentor to your destiny helper.

Alright, let us take this scenario, imagine you have $10 as your total cash and you as a matter of fact have no stable source of income, then you keep bragging about how you control lots of businesses and even work directly with a director in an organization. Now imagine if the person you are talking could help you get a job or at best help fund your proposed business.

Lots of people have lost their chances with someone who could help because of fake it till you make and this character at the end of it all will give room for depression and even at some point suicide.

The ideology of fake it till you makes it is wrong; if you need help don’t hide it. Come up clean and ask for help. Do not let pressure and the quest for relevance among mates and associates push you to live above your means.

Finally let me share a story with you: one evening Solomon was coming out of his office after closing and was moving towards his car, and then he saw one of his old classmates walking out of same building. He was happy to see him and even offered him a lift, but the man declined and said I already called someone to come pick me. Solomon later gave him his contact and invited him to his house.

Solomon is living a very good life with family and a very expensive apartment. The friend came to visit Solomon and during their discussion, Solomon said he could help him get a job and as a matter of fact he could help talk to some persons in his office and they will help him with a loan to start his own business that he did same thing and he is paying up gradually. The friend said he would think about.

Solomon was later invited by his friend for a visit. Solomon went there with his wife that even and when he got there, the man is also living a comfortable life, though not with the kind of luxury Solomon have.

While they were discussing, Solomon saw some complimentary cards on the table and asked if the man knew the company and his friend said he is the owner of the company. Wait!! What?? You mean you are the owner of the company that owns over 40% of my company shares? And his friend said, yes!

When you fake it, you will be forced to live above your means and at the end of it all, you will keep paying bills for the rest of your life. “Fake it till you make it” is a wrong ideology and should not be your thing.

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