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COVID-19 is a Smokescreen!!! The New World Order Wants a One World Government.

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The Covid-19 is a manufactured virus in a laboratory with the sole aim of regulating the planet population. The testing of the virus was planned to be staged in Wuhan, a province in China because it is the foremost populated country in the world.
To understand my write up, make out time and watch these movies.

  1. PANDEMIC on Netflix.

Hollywood and other movie industries were conscious of the Covid-19 and it had been the rationale they made these movies to predict its spread.
Hollywood made Thanos told you in infinity war that the planet is populated and it needs balance so some should be exhausted. You only didn’t concentrate while seeing these movies… They weren’t joking.
Bill Gates predicted this Covid-19 virus like he did with the Ebola virus some years ago because he knew what was being done by #Justia_Patent.
The Bill and Malinda foundation gave 9 million dollars to #San Diego Laboratory in Philadelphia to supply vaccine for the Covid-19 virus and can be distributed through #INOVIO_ Pharmaceuticals.
The vaccine is out but is going to be released within the summer. The vaccine I understand has been tested on bat and a pig.

The reason why the Covid-19 virus is more dominant on the White race than Africans is that, viruses are formed with protein and each protein features a gene in it. When two different genes meet, there will be reaction. So the gene within the protein was made to react with another gene from a white man precisely a Chinese man because their target was to regulate the population in China.

This is the rationale why the virus can’t stand a temperature above 26/27 °C. It is simpler during a white man than a black man.
It doesn’t suggest Blackman can’t be suffering from the virus, but the speed of injury the virus can cause while attacking a Blackman will be minimal compared to a white man.

There is an Association called “The New World Order” which is behind most of the pandemics that has hit the planet.
They have numerous ways of controlling the population for the planet.

  1. They use nuclear weapons as a tool.
  2. They use biological weapons as a tool and
  3. GMF (Genetically Modified Food) as a tool.
    The Covid-19 is going to be ineffective within the summer due to the temperature in Europe including the vaccine which can be released within the summer, but will return few years later.
    Covid-19 won’t be the last virus to hit the planet, different ones will come all due to the mission of “The new world order”.
    One strange thing about pandemics and epidemics is that it follows a chain of hundred years after. Of course you might argue that Ebola and Covid19 is less than that but the population affected tells the difference.
    Mamour Ghadaffi also predicted that they will make the virus and sell the medical kits and vaccines to the rest of the world. (he did not specify the “they” in that statement). However, we now understand it is the world capitalist.
    If the world doesn’t hold china responsible for this chaos then another one will come out of them.
    The aim to have a one world government is the sole sponsor of the corona virus and the likes. Reducing the population to a controllable size and creating a two faction in the society.
    This is obviously the third world war; the only difference is that the soldiers in this war are the health practitioners; the front line and the only line. The doctors, the nurses and all that is there to fight this battle. All of a sudden we no longer need battle drones and fighter jets, everyone is now asking for ventilators and other medical kits not battle kits.
    The world economy will eventually crash, and this could be very bad for the United States economy.
    Have you seen how the world seems helpless in the face of this virus? First it’s the Middle East; today it’s the world running around over Covid-19.
    NB: why is the world government fighting crime and yet crime is on the increase in every part if the world? How do they get their arms? Who is funding terrorism in the world? If the government is against it, who is making keeping it alive? Questions to remind us of the New World Order.
    The new world order is struggling for one world government and reducing the population is the easiest way to achieve that goal. Since the United Nations will not let anyone go to war or use nuclear weapons, biological weapons will for all time be the most used. The world is likely to have another if not bigger crisis ahead.
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