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Corona Virus in Africa: Another Avenue to Divert Government Funds. Nigeria Likely to Fraud The United Nations; WHO

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The Corona virus which had been seen as a nightmare in Asia and some other part of the world, has obviously become a tool for political exploit in Africa.
With traces and sign of same signature from other viruses like the Ebola virus, Zika virus it is obviously pointing towards the world capitalist making money from the virus business, of which some say it’s a bioweapon for population control that escaped from the lab.

Yea!!! You remember those movie days.?? That’s what we are talking about.
But here is the part that got me concerned. The head line: Nigeria records first case of Corona virus.
Nigeria, Africa’s most populated and the most populated black nation in the world records first case of Corona virus. Now hold up.

Nigeria as a country is known for propaganda and taking advantage of situation to extort government funds. The country is known to politised every single opportunity and it’s always for private gain. Which is why the country don’t have long term projects.

According to the Punch news, The Federal Government of Nigeria released N386million to two health agencies to strengthen Coronavirus (COVID19) preparedness in Nigeria. The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Mr Abdulaziz Mashi Abdulaziz, disclosed this to newsmen while providing updates on the preparedness for Coronavirus and Lassa Fever in the country, on Friday in Abuja.

Coronavirus has killed not less than 2,800 people and infected not less than 83,000 all over the world.
Despite this available data, some have taken to the social media to describe the claim that Nigeria records a case of Corona virus to be fake news. This is because some have claimed the release of 900 Million Naira equivalent to 2,476,003.40 USD. That was few weeks ago.

The question on the social media had been, is the country looking for aids from the international community or just looking for cheap attention. On the other hand could the case reported be another avenue to divert public funds ??
Previously, it was understood that the COVID19 cannot survive in sub Sahara due to the warm weather but from the breaking news in Nigeria, this theory have been defiled.

According to the theory the continent is too warm for the COVID-19 virus to survive.. Coronaviruses, which include some of the viruses responsible for the common cold and flu, can show something called seasonality — that is, they peak and wane depending on the season.
Many cold and flu viruses peak in winter, for example; the droplets sneezed and coughed out by people spread more easily in winter’s cold dry air and when people are crowded inside together. They then die down in warmer weather.

“When the season is warmer and more humid, the droplets transmitting the virus tend to fall of the air more quickly, therefore limiting its transmission,” explained Yap Boum, the Africa representative for Epicentre, the research arm of Doctors without Borders.
However, the government of Nigeria is appealing to the public not to spread panic as the case reported is not showing any serious symptoms of COVID19.
The country was able to contain the Ebola virus at the time, everyone can only hope that COVID19 will not be politised.

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