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Abortion And Society: Murder Is Murder; The Unborn Have Equal Rights. Why The UK Law Needs Amendment

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Abortion is murder try adoption

Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removal of an embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. An abortion that happens without intervention is understood as a miscarriage.

Abortion is legal throughout the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, under the Abortion Act 1967, if there is: risk to the life of the pregnant woman; preventing grave permanent injury to the physical or psychological state of the pregnant woman; risk of injury to the physical or psychological state of the pregnant woman or any existing children of her family.

Risk that if the child was born, it might “suffer from such physical, or mental abnormalities on be seriously handicapped”.

This above laws have been misunderstood, and mis-utilized as women had made it a normal action to commit abortion.

Abortion policy was developed in Scotland and Northern Ireland but not in Wales. The law in Northern Ireland changed on 21 October 2019 to allow abortion, hitherto banned, under the provisions of the UK Parliament’s Northern Ireland Act 2019, as the Northern Ireland Assembly was not operating at the time. Abortion services are going to be provided in Northern Ireland by 31 March 2020, and until then Northern Irish women can access abortion services in other parts of the United Kingdom without a fee and without committing a criminal offense.

It should be and remain a criminal offense when the pregnancy did not disagree with any of the laws.

It is very unfortunate that one will deliberately kill a child who has done no wrong. Some very premature babies can now be kept alive, which has altered ideas about when fetuses become citizenry with human rights.

The law in England and Wales is based on the very fact that after 24 weeks the fetus is usually viable, therein with medical assistance it can survive outside the womb. Abortion is a problem that demonstrates the difficulties of rigid rules in moral deciding.

Medical science has advanced to the purpose where we’ve options that were unthinkable even a couple of generations ago and where old rules cannot deal with new facts. For society as an entire, also as for the youngsters themselves, it’s better if every child may be a wanted child.

However, abortion isn’t the simplest way of avoiding unwanted children, and improved sex education, easily available contraception, and better education and opportunities for young women, can all help to reduce the number of abortions.

But as long as abortion is required as a final resort, most humanists would agree that society should provide safe legal facilities. The alternatives, which might inevitably include illegal abortions, are far worse.

Of course all possible options should be explored and decisions should be told ones. Adoption of the unwanted baby could be the simplest solution in some cases, or on reflection a lady might decide that she could take care of a sick or disabled child. Or she might decide that she cannot offer this child a life worth living and abortion is the more sensible choice.

She will get to consider the long-term effects also because the immediate ones. It is unlikely to be a simple decision, and requiring an abortion may be a situation that the majority women would like to avoid. No law can end abortions, however severe its restrictions and however harsh its penalties.

According to the guardian, Each day almost 70,000 unsafe abortions are administered around the world, and that they are vastly more likely to happen in countries with strict laws. What such legislation does do is force some women to continue pregnancies against their wishes, while risking the lives and well-being of others. Women within the US has seen their ability to terminate pregnancies dismantled piece by piece However, it would be easier to refer to abortion as murder.

For a society looking forward to having a good people, a woman who can kill her own child inside her should not be a member of such society. Abortion is murder and anyone involved should be treated as a murderer. If you do not want to be pregnant, avoid sex. Besides what were you expecting at the time of having a unprotected sex. There’s a need to defend the unborn child. The penalty for abortion should be same as murder.

If the woman wants equal rights in society, how about equal rights to life for the unborn child. Why should abortion be an option when adoption remain a second chance?

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