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220m £ Deal: Neymar to Barcelona Getting Clearer as PSG Considered Him a ”Lost Cause”

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Kylian Mbappe in 2020 seems to be the main player PSG will be building their team around as they considered Neymar as a ”Lost Cause”, which might try to force a move in the summer. The proposing price by PSG is 220million euros which will be used to restructure the club again back to their winning ways. According to PSG’s sporting director Leonardo is forecasting Neymar Jnr leaving the club next summer.

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No extension is in sight and the club is building the team around Mbappe with the money that will be realised from Neymar’s transfer. Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid which is not visible as PSG is trying to keep the young star around because of the future if the club. So it will not be east for Real Madrid as PSG is planning on using the money realised from Neymar’s transfer to extend his salary which will seen him remaining in PSG till 2024. Of recent, speculations are arising from the friendship touch Neymar has been keeping with his former team mates mainly Gerrard Pique, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi and also have a brotherly bond with his fellow Brazilian player Arthur in their previous international duties.

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Barcelona is trying everything possible to get Neymar during January transfer window as they are building up towards the asking price of 220Million Euros to get him return to Nou Camp in summer 2020.

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