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Trump: Isreal Can’t Spy On The US

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Isreal can’t spy on the US: President Trump on Thursday provide reason to feel ambiguous about a report that the Israeli government might keep an eye on the United States, touting the suffering quality of the U.S.- Israel relationship.

A Politico story dependent on meetings with previous senior U.S. authorities asserted that the administration trusts Israel planted cellphone reconnaissance gadgets in the country’s capital in the course of recent years. Gadgets were apparently planted close to the White House and different areas. The report said the U.S., following a scientific investigation, discovered that specialists from Israel in all likelihood brought them here.

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“I don’t accept that. No, I don’t accept that the Israelis are keeping an eye on us,” Trump said on Thursday evening from the South Lawn, before going to a GOP retreat in Baltimore. “I locate that difficult to accept.”

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Present and previous Israeli authorities pushed back hard against the Politico report on Thursday. Amos Yadlin, the previous leader of the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate, supposedly called it “counterfeit news spiced with against Semitism,” expressing that Israel bans keeping an eye on the U.S.

According to Foxnews; A journalist for Israeli paper Haaretz going with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his office was considering the report an “unmitigated falsehood.” Like Yadlin, the workplace said the Israeli government has a mandate not to take part in insight tasks on U.S. soil.

The president touted the solid connection between his organization and Israel, explicitly refering to the foundation of a U.S. government office in Jerusalem and brutal U.S. sanctions against Iran.

“I wouldn’t accept that story,” Trump repeated. “Anything’s conceivable, yet I don’t trust it.”

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