Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

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Ilhan Omar Said 3 Words That Remained Offensive To Every American

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Radial Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan lately joined forces and held a troubling decision against the U.S. police use of terror watch lists. Omar said “This is huge” in a tweet praising the judgment! Congratulations to everybody who so hard worked to ensure that constitutional rights were spread to everyone irrespective of faith, race or ethnicity. “In her tweet, Omar added. Tlaib also shamed in and wrote,” Within the so-called’ watch list I have heard horrific tales from Muslim Americans who have no way (You know, due procedure!) for their names to be erased.

According to Trending politics; It’s Muslims today, but if we don’t stop this folly tomorrow it can be you. “It is tremendous if possible terrorists can fly under the radar because they can’t be on the watch list. Surely that won’t be good for most Americans. Judge Anthony Trenga ruled against the use of terrorist monitoring lists in a district court case before the East District of Virginia stating they” breached “American constitutional freedoms placed in the list. Omar, Tlaib, and other Democrats argue that terrorist watch-lists are unfairly targeting and profiling Muslims, putting on suspects linked in terrorist groups and operations.
Both radical Muslim legislators have experienced anti-Semitism claims on account of their rhetoric and support for the motion against Israel in the boycott, deprivation and sanctions. Last month, over their anti-Semitic remarks, Omar and Tlaib were prohibited from visiting Israel. They were also prevented from entering Israel because the tour showed that they would meet with a terrorized group on the journey in Palestine and supported the BDS motion, which calls for companies to boycott Israel.

Trump bail out on security matters

Both legislators are not controversial alien. Omar has been charged in latest weeks with marriage and immigration fraud against her own brother. And Tlaib was busy comparing Nazi Germany to Israel.

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